Do you remember The Millennium Dome competition?

A few photographs of the building of the Millennium Dome. For the mathematically gifted it was a truncated icosidodecahedron.

The Millennium Dome competition The Millennium Dome competition
Do you rememeber The Millennium Dome competition? If yes, get in touch to share your experiences and let us know if you recognise anyone in the pictures below! The key designers fabricators were: Martyn Harris, Geoff Hall and Martyn Hancock alongside the Building crew (along with the aforesaid): Nick Carter, Graham Jones and Janet Singleton.

It took several months to fabricate the individual panels and a long day to put up (see pictures). Subsequent appearance of the Dome was made at the Science Fair in 2001 and also spent some time in B Block Quad (today's Stinton building).

Along with the main structure there were two mini domes. Photos are welcome.

We are very grateful to Graham Jones, former Head of Geography and current volunteer archivist at Newcastle-under-Lyme School, who has put together the content for these features.